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24 march 2024 current affairs

24 march 2024 current affairs in hindi

यहां प्रमुख एग्जाम की तैयारी के लिए 24 March के current affairs today in hindi की महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी दी जा रही है। जिसके माध्यम से आप अपनी एग्जाम की तैयारी के लिए डेली करंट अफेयर्स के बारे में जान सकते हैं|

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‘वायुमंडलीय अनुसंधान परीक्षण स्थल’ का उद्घाटन कहाँ किया गया है?

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‘इलेक्ट्रिक मोबिलिटी प्रमोशन योजना 2024’ किस मंत्रालय द्वारा लॉन्च की गई है?

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भारी उद्योग मंत्रालय ने ऑटोमोटिव और EV सेक्टर में इनोवेशन को बढ़ावा देने के लिए किस संस्थान के साथ समझौता ज्ञापन पर हस्ताक्षर किए है?

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भारत की नुमालीगढ़ रिफाइनरी लिमिटेड ने किस देश में अपना संपर्क कार्यालय खोला है?

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ड्रैगनफायर लेजर डायरेक्टेड एनर्जी वेपन का सफल परीक्षण किस देश ने किया है?

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किस सरकार ने कदन्न उत्पादन को बढ़ावा देने के लिये राज्य के किसानों को कदन्न/मिलेट्स और मोटे अनाज के मुफ्त बीज वितरित करने का निर्णय लिया है?

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‘फिनटेक इको सिस्टम’ को मजबूत करने के लिए एशियाई विकास बैंक (ADB) के साथ किस देश ने ऋण समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं?

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हाल ही में राष्ट्रीय जांच एजेंसी (NIA) के ‘विशेष डिजिटल केस मैनेजमेंट सिस्टम’ (CCMS) का उद्घाटन किसने किया है?

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मैक्स इंडिया की सहायक कंपनी ने वरिष्ठ नागरिकों की देखभाल हेतु किस संस्थान के साथ साझेदारी की है?

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‘इलेक्ट्रिक मोबिलिटी प्रमोशन योजना 2024’ किस मंत्रालय द्वारा लॉन्च की गई है?

Your score is

Understanding Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Services

  1. What is BNPL?: BNPL allows consumers to make purchases upfront and pay for them in installments over time, often without accruing interest if payments are made on schedule. Popular BNPL providers include Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm, and PayPal Credit.
  2. How Does BNPL Work?: When using BNPL, consumers select the option at checkout and pay a fraction of the total cost upfront, with the remaining balance divided into equal installments. These installments are typically paid bi-weekly or monthly over a predetermined period, usually ranging from a few weeks to several months.
  3. Key Features and Benefits: BNPL services offer several benefits, including instant approval, no interest charges (if paid on time), flexible repayment terms, and the ability to budget purchases over time. They provide an alternative to traditional credit cards and personal loans, making it easier for consumers to manage their finances and cash flow.

Eligibility Criteria for Availing BNPL

  1. Age Requirement: Most BNPL providers require users to be at least 18 years old to qualify for their services. Some providers may have higher age requirements, so it’s essential to check the terms and conditions before applying.
  2. Residency: BNPL services are typically available to residents of the country where the provider operates. Users must have a valid residential address and meet any residency requirements specified by the provider.
  3. Financial Stability: While BNPL providers may not conduct traditional credit checks, they may assess users’ financial stability based on factors such as income, employment status, and banking history. Users with a stable source of income and a positive banking history are more likely to be eligible for BNPL.
  4. Identity Verification: BNPL providers may require users to undergo identity verification to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Users may need to provide government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify their identity.
  5. Transaction History: Some BNPL providers may consider users’ transaction history with their platform when determining eligibility. Users with a history of timely payments and responsible usage are more likely to qualify for higher spending limits and favorable terms.

Benefits and Considerations of BNPL

  1. Convenience: BNPL services offer convenience and flexibility, allowing consumers to make purchases upfront and spread the cost over time. They eliminate the need for large upfront payments and provide breathing room between paychecks.
  2. No Interest Charges (if Paid on Time): Many BNPL providers offer interest-free installment plans, making them an attractive alternative to traditional credit cards and personal loans. Users can avoid interest charges by making timely payments as per the agreed schedule.
  3. Instant Approval: BNPL services typically provide instant approval, allowing users to complete their purchases quickly and easily at checkout. There’s no lengthy application process or credit check required, making BNPL accessible to a wide range of consumers.
  4. Budgeting and Financial Planning: BNPL services help users budget their expenses and manage their finances more effectively. By spreading the cost of purchases over time, users can avoid overspending and maintain better control over their cash flow.
  5. Potential Risks: While BNPL services offer several benefits, users should be aware of potential risks, including late fees, missed payments, and the temptation to overspend. Failure to repay BNPL installments on time can lead to additional charges and negatively impact credit scores.

Tips for Responsible Usage of BNPL

  1. Budget Wisely: Before using BNPL, create a budget that outlines your income, expenses, and financial goals. Allocate funds for BNPL installments and ensure they fit within your budgetary constraints.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions: Carefully read the terms and conditions of BNPL services, including the repayment schedule, interest rates (if applicable), late fees, and penalties for missed payments. Understand your obligations and responsibilities as a user.
  3. Set Payment Reminders: Set up payment reminders or automate payments to ensure you never miss a due date. Many BNPL providers offer the option to schedule automatic payments, reducing the risk of late fees and missed payments.
  4. Limit the Number of Transactions: Avoid over-reliance on BNPL services by limiting the number of transactions and the total amount owed. Use BNPL sparingly for essential purchases and avoid unnecessary spending.
  5. Monitor Your Spending: Regularly monitor your BNPL transactions, payment due dates, and account statements to stay on top of your finances. Keep track of your spending and avoid exceeding your budgetary limits.
  6. Communicate with Providers: If you’re experiencing financial hardship or difficulty making payments, communicate with your BNPL provider proactively. Many providers offer flexible repayment options or hardship assistance programs to help users manage their bills during challenging times.


BNPL services offer consumers a convenient and flexible way to make purchases and manage their finances. By understanding the eligibility criteria, benefits, considerations, and tips for responsible usage of BNPL, consumers can leverage this payment option effectively while minimizing risks and maintaining financial stability. Whether you’re looking to budget your expenses, spread the cost of purchases, or bridge the gap between paychecks, BNPL provides a viable solution for your financial needs.