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Geography Objective MCQ Quiz Test-35

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Nowadays, the importance of Geography has increased a lot in all competitive examinations, so keeping this in mind, we are providing Daily Geography Quiz, Geography Objective Question, Geography Important Question for all of you on our website for free. , is providing Geography test series.

You will get to see the following topic questions in the Geography Test

■ Introduction to the geography of India

■ India’s international borders and neighbouring countries

■ Islands of India

■ Indian River System

■ Major passes of India

■ Mountains of India

■ Mountains of Peninsular India

■ Plateau of Peninsular India

■ The Plains of India

■ Major lakes of India

■ Major waterfalls of India

■ National Road Transport System of India

■ Solar System (Solar System)

■ The Atmosphere of the Earth

■ Geological rocks found in India

■ Important Steel Plants of India

■ Major minerals of India, their mines and states

■ Mineral wealth in India

■ Iron ore in India

■ Manganese, bauxite and gold reserves in India

■ Reserves of lead, zinc, copper and silver in India

■ Reserves of chromite, nickel and tin in India

■ Non-metallic minerals in India

■ Energy Minerals in India

■ Mineral deposits with nuclear power in India

■ Coal reserves in India

■ Indian climate

■ Mechanism of weather in summer

■ Southwest Monsoon

■ Winter rain

■ Withdrawal of monsoon (returning monsoon)

■ Rain shadow zone and inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ)

■ The origin of cyclones in India

■ Introduction to the natural vegetation of India

■ Structure of soil

■ Types of soils of India

■ Multipurpose projects of India

■ Major dam projects of India

■ Agriculture in India

■ India’s major foodgrain crops

■ India’s major pulses and oilseeds crops

■ India’s major cash crops

■ Petroleum Resources in India

■ Oil refining in India

■ List of names and states of India’s refineries

■ Natural Gas Resources in India

■ Introduction to India’s electrical energy sources

■ Classification of energy

■ Hydropower in India

■ Nuclear energy in India

■ Rail transport in India

■ Internal water transport in India

■ Ports of India

■ Tribes inhabiting India

■ Geography of Asia

■ Geography of South America

■ Geography of Europe

■ Geography of North America

■ Geography of Africa

■ Geography of Australia

■ World’s major rivers

■ Oceanic streams